Ultra Rare Golden Edition Top Secret: Luningan – The Clampster (Second card release Batch01-02)

This is the second card of the first batch of my 80 card set (Pando Crypts®) coming to Catecoin exclusively through NFT's!

Will be releasing periodically, make sure you grab them in time before they moon! kek

Batch01 Consists of 40 Battle cards and 40 Help cards all with straight forward effects and conditions.

Once the nft is sold the card effect (if any) becomes permanent and can be used in a Pando Crypts® battle.

This project was just born july 30 2021 so anything can change except sold card's effects and stats.

For now the game is to be played 1 v 1 on a physical environment and once catecoin enables interoperability with our purchased nft's.

The Pando Crypts® rules are being worked on and will be released as a catecoin post so make sure you visit catecoin funny section for more Pando Crypts® updates and game rules soon! 🙂

Link to first card released : https://app.catecoin.club/gag/catecoin-exclusive-first-ever-card-for-the-upcoming-nft-card-game-pando-crypts/